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1876 Battle of the
Little Big Horn


United States Army


Native Americans


1876 The Battle of the Little Big Horn
Participants: Scouts

‘(Custer) will stop at nothing. He is going to take us right into the village where there are many more warriors than we have. We have no chance at all.’"Mitch Bouyer, Scout
(as said to Curley, Crow scout and reported after his death by Curley’s friend, Russell White Bear)
The Custer Myth, W A Graham, p 18

Bloody Knife on campaign with Custer

Bloody Knife on campaign with Custer

Bloody Knife Arikara
• Arikara mother and Hunkpapa father
• Grew up with Lakota but subjected to bullying as the Arikara were their enemies
• Enmity with Gall
• Enlisted in the army 1868
• Promoted to Lance Corporal in 1872 when with Custer with whom he had a good relationship.


Curly Crow
• Enlisted 1876, assigned to Seventh Cavalry June 21
• Took advantage of Custer releasing scouts from any obligation to fight ( their role was to find the ‘hostiles’ ). Mitch Bouyer told him to leave so Curly did not take part in the battle.
• Oddly he said he escaped by wrapping himself in a Lakota blanket, somewhat implausible in the heat of June.

Mitch Bouyer
• French father, Dakota mother
• Could also speak English and Crow
• Worked with Jim Bridger
• 1865 guided General Connor
• Worked at Forts CF Smith & Phil Kearney
• 1872 guide for the military escort of the North Pacific Railroad expedition
• Acted as interpreter for the Crow scouts on the Little Big Horn expedition

Charlie Reynolds
• 1866 buffalo hunter on the Republican River supplying forts with meat.
• trapper and hunter in Upper Missouri
• learned to speak Dakota
• Employed as a guide on the Yellowstone River expedition 1872
• Met Custer on the Yellowstone River expedition 1873, engaged by him as a scout on Black Hills Expedition 1874
• April 3 1876 taken on as guide for little Big Horn expedition
• Killed when Reno’s detachment retreated from the timbers

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